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Kovar Seal Frames Image

Kovar Seal Frames

Seal Frames are used in electronics circuit packaging. They require close tolerance as well as being burr free under 10x. Production Lapping has developed process and tooling to meet these demanding requirements. With in-house de-burring capabilities and well as microscopes we provide customers with a complete part ready for assembly.

Copper Leads

Due to the size of these parts (.025 x .090 x.900) handling is quite difficult, with our double side lapping capabilities we can simultaneously lap both sides at once, thus eliminating many of the handling challenges associated with conventional single side lapping.

Copper Leads Image
 Zirconia Transfer Tools Image

Zirconia Transfer Tools

Zirconia is a hard ceramic material that has many of the same characteristics of hardened 440C steel.  Used in the manufacturing for disc drive “heads” these tools demand tight tolerances as well as exceptionally fine surface finishes.  Production Lapping has developed a process to meet these requirements as well as custom made tooling to assure consistent high quality results