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Vacuum Chucks

Vacuum Chucks are used in many applications, such as silicon wafer processing and testing, machining and grinding. Many of the chucks that we process are lapped in two steps. The initial or rough lapping is used to establish flatness and all linear dimensions. The chucks are then either hard anodized or even gold plated. Once back from plating, the chucks are lapped to final flatness and finish requirements. We also offer re-surfacing service to remove nicks and dings to the sealing surface to occur in typical use.

Ultra Precision Slicing Blades

There are many types of slicing blades that require lapping, some with diameters as large as 12” to blades as small as 1.00” in diameter.  Production Lapping is capable of meeting almost any blade application including complete manufacturing, lapping and grinding to meet customer specifications.

Ultra Precision Slicing Blades Image
Air Bearings Image

Air Bearings

Air bearing are used in precision movement applications, such as CMM machines. They are frequently used in high load, high speed or high precision applications where ordinary ball bearings have short life/high noise and vibration. The bearing surface must be extremely flat. Like the vacuum chucks, air bearings are usually machined, rough lapped, plated and then finish lapped. Production Lapping has the capabilities to meet these requirements.