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 Atlas Rocket Fuel Line Assembly Image

Atlas Rocket Fuel Line Assembly

Made from Inconel 718, this assembly is both very expensive and delicate. Production Lapping has been entrusted by our customer to process these parts to the highest of quality standards. Holding an 8 Ra surface finish on the sealing surfaces and maintain flatness specification of .0003 or better, this is a typical high profile part that is processed for the Space Flight industry. Many of the parts we process are either in orbit or roving on Mars!

Hydraulics Pump Components

Hydraulic pump sealing surfaces require close flatness tolerances and demanding surface finish requirements. Production Lapping has proprietary process that insure that we can meet any specification required for any hydraulic pump surfacing, whether it is an aerospace pump or earthmoving equipment, we can handle the smallest to the largest pump bodies

ulics Pump Components Image
Aluminum Mechanical Pump Body Image

Aluminum Mechanical Pump Body

Mechanical pump bodies need to be held to very close tolerances usually held to +/- .0002   (.005mm) and parallel to .0001 (.0025mm). Typical stock removal is usually .010 to .030.  Production Lapping has lapped many types of mechanical pump bodies and the internal rotors.  The lapping process for this type of part is now often times replaced with our fine grinding process. However, there are still applications that dictate the lapping process be used exclusively.